Field Volunteers

Due to the sensitive nature of our field volunteers' work, many have chosen to use aliases instead of their full names. Others have chosen not to be featured on this page at all. 



Case Manager

Filmmaker-ish, bookworm, with unconditional love for Pokémon. Amer’s decision to join Rainbow Street came from his unfulfilled interest in doing humanitarian work. Being gay himself made it more of an urge to be part of an organization that helps LGBT locals and refugees. Plus it seemed like a decent way to spend all the free time he has on his hands.



Case Manager

H is a Jordanian student in the medical field. His interest in helping vulnerable LGBT people rise from the personal challenges he had gone through as a gay Jordanian man from a conservative upbringing, which at one point put him in a vulnerable position  where he was forced to seek aid and support. He was welcomed with compassion and help from the LGBT community, which is what inspired him to support people in need.



Graphic Designer

Manar is a gaming maniac (programmer, designer, and artist) working tirelessly in the game making field. Amidst all the gaming chaos, she’s hugely passionate about LGBTQ rights and feels deeply attached to making the Arab world a safer space for the LGBTQ community. Manar is always eager to help those in need, especially those in the LGBTQ community. She has witnessed and experienced firsthand the pressure of being queer in the Arab world, which impacted her decision to join Rainbow Street.



Case Manager

SAA is a marketing student originally from Palestine. She works in the field of human rights and has always been interested in the LGBT+ community. Working on such sensitive topics in an environment as challenging as Jordan is one of her favorite things to do, and it’s what led her to volunteer at Rainbow Street. 

Ahmad Saleh


Ahmad lives in Beirut with his dog, Molly. He joined Rainbow Street in June 2017 after being introduced to the organization via a friend of his who was involved with the organization. Personally connected to various social causes, he was involved within the civil activist sphere in Beirut since 2004; more heavily focusing on the topics of drug use and harm reduction, rights of individuals who identify as queer, and rights of migrant workers in Lebanon. He is currently working with a Syrian organization that advocates for the democratic transition in Syria and his work focuses on research and managing an oral history for the Syrian revolution and the ongoing conflict. Despite having transient interests, Ahmad is quite passionate about video gaming, fantasy fiction, comics, skating, and biohacking (though he can’t find a crowd that shares his interest in the latter one).

Volunteer Alumni

Brendan P. Carchidi


Brendan is a Boston native with keen interests in public service and inclusive community development. His passion for activism has led him to Rainbow Street and its mission to support queer communities in the Arab world. He loves coffee, friends, and long flights.



Financial Officer

E became a part of Rainbow Street while spending a year living in Amman, Jordan. Having grown up in a small town in Georgia, she was all too familiar with issues LGBT folks face in conservative communities. She joined Rainbow Street as a way to help queer folks on a global scale. Outside of Rainbow Street you can find her discussing feminist theory, playing the piano, and using her budding Arabic skills to make new friends.



Intake Coordinator

KP hails from the suburbs surrounding Washington D.C. His interest in Rainbow Street stems from a desire to apply his academics in a practical way. He is inspired by eight hours sleep cycles and snacking throughout the day. He loves biking, especially uphill. KP is still in university, working towards his degree. In the future, he hopes to find a stable nine-to-five job.