About us

Rainbow Street is an international NGO that provides a lifeline for exceptionally vulnerable LGBT people in the Middle East and North Africa. Rainbow Street works with local activists and partner organizations to provide shelter, food, clothing, health care, migration services, community support, and other essential resources to people facing extreme discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender expression.

Mohammad's Story

When Mohammad was forcibly outed to his family as gay, he was immediately disowned and cut off from his loved ones. Midway through his university studies, Mohammad was forced to sleep in hospital waiting rooms in Amman in order to continue his degree and have a hope of a more independent future. Despite threats of physical harm and debilitating discrimination, Mohammad was determined to finish his degree...

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Our Mission

The Citadel, Amman, Jordan

The Citadel, Amman, Jordan

Rainbow Street is dedicated to improving the lives of people living in the Arab World who experience discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender expression by connecting them to a network of support, providing them with necessary resources to find lasting stability, and assisting them in the realization of their long term goals. 

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How to Support

Umm Qais, Jordan

Umm Qais, Jordan

Rainbow Street connects the generous support of our donors to those who need it most. With your financial support, we increase the number of people who benefit from our services. As a relatively small organization, our operating costs are extremely low, so you can be sure that your donation is having a direct effect on Rainbow Street beneficiaries.

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