Omar, a trans man currently living as a refugee in Beirut, Lebanon, questioned his gender identity from an early age.

After years of abuse and nowhere to turn, Omar escaped his family and fled to Beirut where he was homeless and food insecure. Rainbow Street learned of Omar's case upon his arrival in Lebanon last spring and mobilized to get him off the street and into safe housing. Besides providing for Omar's necessary expenses, Rainbow Street has been coordinating with multiple governmental and non-governmental organizations to help Omar permanently resettle in a safe country.

The week of Omar's long-awaited travel date arrived. He packed his bags, moved out of his apartment, gave away his furniture, and set off for his new life in the US. Unfortunately, Lebanese bureaucracy prevented Omar from traveling. He was then in migration limbo, homeless and vulnerable until he can secure the documents he needs to exit the country.

But thanks to the support of 25 fast-acting friends of Rainbow Street, we exceeded our target of raising $465 for Omar by over 56%! 

Omar is now in secure housing with the funding he needs for food and other essentials. With the expertise of our friends at IRAP, IOM, and ICMC, Omar will soon secure his Lebanese exit permit and depart Beirut for his new life in the United States. Until then, Rainbow Street is committed to providing for Omar's needs for shelter, safety, food, and other essentials.

Congratulations, Omar

For his own Safety, Omar cannot show his face. Here, he sports his Rainbow Body Art. 

For his own Safety, Omar cannot show his face. Here, he sports his Rainbow Body Art.