Orlando broken heart

In the early morning hours of June 12, a gunman entered Pulse, a guy nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and brutally put an end to 50 LGBT lives.

At Rainbow Street, we stand in solidarity with the families of the martyrs, with our global LGBT comrades, and with our Muslim allies. We refuse to bow our heads in fear amidst the current downpour of violence and hateful rhetoric. Stand with us in solidarity with all those affected by this historic tragedy.

If you haven’t already, read Rainbow Street’s response to the Orlando massacre.

How to #StandwithOrlando

Say their names

Honor the memory of the martyrs by reading, speaking, shouting, crying, scribbling, tweeting, and broadcasting their names, available at the City of Orlando website.


There are many causes available that can help the global LGBT community heal from this horrific act and aid the Muslim community in combatting the hateful rhetoric that helped cause it. A few to consider donating your time or dollars to:

  • Equality Florida - Support the families of the martyrs who died in the Pulse shooting
  • Muslims for Progressive Values - Support a movement of Muslims concerned with social justice
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations - Promote dialog and the civil rights of American Muslims
  • Rainbow Street - Provide life-saving assistance to LGBT people living in crisis in the Middle East. To donate, click Get involved below. 
  • Your local LGBT resource center - Places like The Pacific Center provide important services such as mental health counseling for those who might be experincing grief related to the recent attack. 

Take a stand on social media

It’s not slacktivism--it’s a global conversation. Do your part by declaring your support for the martyrs’ families, the global LGBT community, and Muslims everywhere. Call out hate when you see it, and be patient with those who just need to be educated. A few hashtags to include:

  • #WeAreOrlando
  • #StandWithOrlando
  • #PrayForOrlando
  • #SayTheirNames
  • #QueersAgainstIslamophobia
  • #LoveWins

Pledge your solidarity

Resist the urge to let the hate of others separate the LGBT and Muslim communities.

  • Hold your LGBT loved ones close. Give space to those who need room to mourn. If you don’t know what to say, start by offering your shoulder to cry on.  
  • Make your Muslim neighbors feel welcome. During the holy month, offer a friendly “Ramadan mubarak” to observing Muslims.