Stop President Trump's ban on refugees

Trump’s despicable refugee ban is particularly devastating for LGBT people in the Middle East and North Africa. Read Rainbow Street's full statement on the ban.

Rainbow Street is needed now more than ever, and we need your help to push our mission forward at this critical time. Here's what to do:

1. Write letters

Tell your senators and representative what you think of the ban on refugees! Use the letter template below, or use it to write a letter of your own. 

Calling and letter writing are the most effective ways to affect the opinion and action of our political leaders. Even democrats should be contacted. We cannot let the government believe that the public does not oppose this ban! 

2. Make phone calls

Call the White House (202-456-1111), your senators, and your representative. Tell them who you are, where you're from, and that you urge them to do all they can to stop the President's ban on refugees. Here's one example:

Hi, I'm _________ from ________, and I'm calling to urge you to do all you can to stop the refugee resettlement ban because it puts the most vulnerable people in the world at even greater risk. I also urge you to stop the travel ban on people from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Sudan and Somalia because it unfairly targets people based on their religious beliefs. We have a responsibility not to turn our backs on the peaceful citizens from these countries or any country, especially refugees those fleeing violence or the threat of violence in their home countries. Restricting visas issued to citizens of these countries will not make the United States safer. Instead, it will contribute to a dangerous climate of nationalism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. 

3. Volunteer with Rainbow Street

As an all-volunteer organization, we rely on people being generous with their time. Tabling, phone calls, field work, event planning, accounting, social media management--we want your skills!

4. Stay informed

Don’t miss out on opportunities to stay informed and involved. Sign up for occasional updates from Rainbow Street, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. IRAP’s Policy Action Alerts are also a great way to stay current on issues of refugee resettlement. 

Once you’ve signed up for these updates, show your support on social media with the hashtag #withLGBTrefugees!

5. Pledge a monthly gift

Now more than ever, Rainbow Street is needed and needs your help. Make a gift today to keep hope alive for LGBT refugees in the Middle East and North Africa. Your donation will get LGBT refugees into safe housing and connect them to immediate care.