Rainbow Street is recruiting volunteer Field Coordinators in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Morocco!

If you…

  • live in one of these locations

  • can devote 1-5 hours per week to volunteering with the local LGBT community

  • are excited about empowering LGBT people in the Middle East and North Africa

… then we want to hear from you!

Read on to learn more about Rainbow Street’s work, or take 5 minutes to submit your interest now.


Rainbow Street provides critical assistance to LGBT people living in the Middle East and North Africa who experience extreme discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender expression.


Rainbow Street works directly with LGBT activists in the MENA region to meet the needs of highly vulnerable LGBT individuals in their community. This often includes:

  • Sustained financial assistance for shelter, food, clothing, internet access, and travel.

  • Referrals to partner organizations that provide migration assistance, health care, and psychological services.  

  • Community and moral support through mentorship and discussion groups.

Field Coordinators

The Rainbow Street team is a group of volunteer activists in the United States and Jordan. Rainbow Street Field Coordinators make Rainbow Street’s work possible by:

  • Identifying LGBT individuals in need (often through the Rainbow Street website, social media, and word-of-mouth)
  • Interviewing individuals to verify their needs and learn more about their case.

  • Recommending individualized support plans to the greater Rainbow Street team.

  • Distributing assistance and managing the cases of Rainbow Street beneficiaries.

  • Holding community events to encourage dialogue, exchange of information, and emotional support for the local LGBT community.

Rainbow Street is a young organization that can adapt quickly to the needs of local LGBT communities in the MENA region. If you have ideas of how Rainbow Street can support your community, we want to hear them!