Rainbow Street Board of Directors


Clara Hill - Chair

Clara has served on Rainbow Street's board since she co-founded the organization in 2014. As a professional fundraiser, she is proud to serve an organization that meets at the intersections of her expertise and passions: fundraising, grassroots activism, friendship, and international queer liberation. By day, Clara works in independent school advancement. She holds a B.A. in International Relations, a M.S. in Nonprofit Leadership, and lives in Oakland, CA. 


Rami Hosein - Treasurer

Rami joined Rainbow Street in 2018 after a trip to Jordan introduced him to the organization’s efforts to help LGBTQ individuals from the MENA region. With his background in medicine and public health, Rami believed that his skillset would complement the mission of Rainbow Street.

His first exposure working with underserved communities in the Middle East was during a visit to Za’atari refugee camp in northern Jordan as a health policy student to assess the health care needs of the population. Rami is deeply eager to be a part of Rainbow Street because he recognizes the resiliency of the LGBTQ population it serves, but is also recognizes their vulnerability as they risk persecution in the Middle East and oftentimes have no way of seeking mental or medical health services safely. 

Rami was raised in California and travels to Jordan often to visit extended family. He completed both his undergraduate and medical education at UC Davis. He then moved to Boston to complete a Master in Public Health degree from Harvard to understand how thoughtful health policies could increase access to health care for underserved communities. He is currently in his final year of Internal Medicine training at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Oakland and plans to stay in the Bay Area to work as a hospitalist. When he is out of the hospital, he enjoys catching up with friends and family, traveling, and hiking the Bay Area’s scenic trails. 


Sophia Kass - Member at-large

Sophia Kass is a transgender woman of color from Lebanon, the Middle East. In 2015, She came to the USA as an international student at UC Berkeley, and has since settled as an asylum seeker in the Bay Area. Even though she successfully worked in pharmaceutic sales and marketing for 5 years in Lebanon, two main reasons drove her to drop everything and pursue this life altering move: her HIV diagnosis in 2013 and her kidnapping while coming back from a Beirut underground gay club in 2014. Today, Sophia works at the Transgender Law Center and in her free time keeps up with Trans issues in the MENA region where the transgender community is heavily marginalized and under a lot of pain and suffering.


Hasan Kilani - Member at-large

Hasan Kilani is a Jordanian human rights activist who recently served at Heartland Alliance International in Chicago, where he was the Sudan Taskforce Project Manager. Prior to that, he worked at the United Nations in Jordan to provide direct legal support for cases related to sexual and gender based violence and minorities. A co-founder of Rainbow Street, Hasan has volunteered as Field Director since 2014, providing a lifeline for exceptionally vulnerable LGBT people in the Middle East and North Africa.


Kevin Steen - Member at-large

Kevin founded Rainbow Street in 2014 and has since served continuously as a Board Member and as volunteer Executive Director. With an academic background in linguistics and Arabic, Kevin has traveled extensively throughout the MENA region as a Gilman Scholar and a Critical Languages Scholar.

Kevin was called to the work of international LGBT liberation when his closest friend in Jordan was forcibly outed to his family, suddenly finding himself homeless and fearing for his life. Kevin’s response quickly grew into Rainbow Street which, under Kevin’s leadership, now provides direct aid and other critical services to queer and transgender individuals in 4 different countries in the MENA region.

Kevin’s professional background includes 4 years at Google, where he leveraged his linguistic expertise and leadership skills to hone the company’s speech recognition technology.  He is now excited to be working on Rainbow Street full time. He lives in Berkeley with his husband.


Sara Steenhouse - Archivist

Sara has been honored to serve on the board of Rainbow Street since 2014 and has proudly supported its work since the very beginning. As a member of the LGBTQ community she has marched, advocated, contributed, collaborated, and spoken up for safety, dignity, and equity around the world. 

As an ordained Christian Minister with a Social Work degree Sara has pursued a professional life dedicated to seeking justice and developing spirituality in community. Having worked in several non-profit settings, she brings experience in leadership and organizational administration to her service with Rainbow Street.

Currently taking a break from professional employment to focus on home life, Sara enjoys living in Vallejo with her spouse Felicia, their four children and two pets. 


Chris Warfield - Vice Chair

After many years of volunteering with trans advocacy groups in the Bay Area, Chris was thrilled to hear about Rainbow Street’s critical work and began collaborating with Rainbow Street in the spring of 2018. Originally from Boston, Chris moved to the Bay Area in 2008 to pursue a masters degree in sexuality studies from San Francisco State University and later a certificate in teaching English as a second language. A lifelong linguaphile, Chris currently teaches English to refugees and has recently begun studying Levantine Arabic.