Introducing Rainbow Street's Newest Beneficiary: Ayman


Our strategy is working. Our organization is growing. After months of establishing an international support network, exploring best practices, and raising funds to support Osama, we are proud to introduce Rainbow Street's newest beneficiary: Ayman*.

Ayman is a gay refugee who fled from his home in Yemen amidst threats against his life. He now lives in Amman where he must work under the table for just 5 JD (7 USD) a day while he awaits permanent resettlement by the UN High Commission for Refugees. His meager salary barely covers his modest rent and one meal per day. Sadly, he is forced to resort to illegal and unsafe measures to support himself. When asked about his long-term goals, Ayman told us that he is so concerned with his day-to-day survival that he has no ability to contemplate a future that is free from hardship and oppression.

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, we have already begun to connect Ayman to our growing network of support. We are very excited to introduce Ayman to the resources he needs to build the future that he chooses for himself. To start, our representatives on the ground are negotiating a discounted English course for Ayman to prepare him for meaningful work in a safer part of the world. We are also equipping him with warm clothes, blankets, and a propane tank to guard himself against the winter cold.

Rainbow Street is honored to assist our beneficiaries in whatever way we can. But we cannot do this without the support of people like you. Your support will change someone’s life forever. This is the kind of impact your contribution can make:

$10 = 1 week of meals                                  $200 = all expenses for 2 weeks

$40 = 1 month of meals                                 $400 = all expenses for 1 month

$100 = all expenses for 1 week                   $1000 = all expenses for 10 weeks

Together, we can create lasting stability for LGBT Arabs in crisis. Be a part of this movement. Be a part of history.

*In the interest of his safety, Rainbow Street refers to Ayman using his chosen alias rather than his real name.