Turkish Court Recognizes Hate Speech Against LGBT People


In what’s being hailed a milestone in the fight for LGBT equality in Turkey, the Turkish Constitutional Court has officially recognized hate speech on the basis of sexual orientation.

The case was brought against a news website that referred to Kaos GL, a prominent Turkish LGBT rights group, as an “association of perverts.” As the attack was directed at an organization, the court ruled no individual rights were breached and it therefore could not penalize the website. However, the court acknowledged the expression was directed at a specific group of people, equating it with hate speech based on race, ethnicity, and color.

Constitutional Court member Osman Alifeyyaz Paksut reaffirmed, “It is a government’s utmost duty to prevent discrimination, exclusion, and hate aimed at people with different sexual orientation.”

Join Rainbow Street in congratulating the Turkish LGBT community and its allies on this victory as they continue to fight for full equality.

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