Pride Without Borders

This past weekend marked the culmination to yet another vibrant month of LGBT Pride celebrations around the globe. And what a celebration it was! Inspiring to many was the surge of media attention given to the largest pride rally of the Muslim World in Istanbul, Turkey. Even in a country where honor killings are a reality for gay men, trans women often turn to sex work for lack of employment opportunities, and much LGBT media content is censured by the government, thousands of Turks marched through Taksim Square to proclaim their pride and protest against discrimination.

Another unlikely pride gathering took place in Singapore. The Pink Dot Rally promotes nondiscrimination against same-sex couples in a country where a man can be jailed for up to two years for having sex with another man. 

But while many cities are already gearing up for their 2015 celebrations, there are still others who will be celebrating later this summer. Rainbow Street will be marching proudly at Silicon Valley Pride on August 17th and at Oakland Pride on August 31.

If you're in the Bay Area and want to help Rainbow Street make a splash at these upcoming Pride events, get in touch! After all, global change takes global action.